Photography in Tanzania

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Gear I have been asked by a few people about what I used to photograph during our recent trip to Tanzania so here goes: 2 Canon 5Ds, a 70-200mm 4.0 IS 24-105 4.0 16-35 2.8 14 x 4Gb CF Cards 100 Gb Hyperdrive for backup LowePro TLZ LW bag strapped to my chest (highy recommend … Read More

Guides, Porters, and Safety

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This post is dedicated to the guys who made all of our trekking possible. When we started planning for our trip we thought it annoying that you need to book guides to do everything in Tanzania. Having been there I now understand the need for having people there who know what is going on. The … Read More

Animals in Tanzania

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After climbing Kili Stephanie and I set off on our own to Arusha and hooked up with a local guide to go see some of the local parks. The following shots were captured in Arusha National Park and Manyara Lake National Park. Both places were gorgeous in their own way and had plenty of viewing … Read More

Kilimanjaro Trip Summary in pictures

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Finally I have been through all of my photos and I can start using them for something.  This section will be used to give a very brief overview of the actual climb of Mt Kilimanjaro with very little discussion. Over the next while I plan to post more detailed descriptions and discussion in smaller sub-sections and also … Read More

Jambo Kilimanjaro!

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Well we did it and we made it to the top!  On Saturday, March 15 we made an early push for the summit and our whole group made it to the top. We battled crazy headaches, low blood oxygen levels and remained in surprisingly good moods during the ascent that took 10 hours from 6am … Read More

Signing off…

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It’s been a crazy last few weeks and even busier over the last few day.  This site won’t updated until after March 24 as we head to Africa today. This of course is assuming that we can get out of the city with this storm! We start our hike on Sunday, March 9 and summit … Read More

A week to go…

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With a week to go before leaving for Mt Kilimanjaro and seeing other people’s dogs on my blog I couldn’t help but want to post something of Bella… We were out on a training hike today in the Gatineau Park and I couldn’t resist. Training has been a lot more rigoris this week since now … Read More