After climbing Kili Stephanie and I set off on our own to Arusha and hooked up with a local guide to go see some of the local parks. The following shots were captured in Arusha National Park and Manyara Lake National Park. Both places were gorgeous in their own way and had plenty of viewing opportunities. You have no choice but to go with a guide but it’s well worth it in the end.

They might look cute but this one made an obvious move to scare us away. It worked!

Literally 5 feet away…

Probably the most nerve wracking encounter as we were on foot with no barriers here

This show was actually taken on the grounds of our hotel

WOW!!!!!! Just WOW!!!! These photos are breathtaking .. I’ve seen giraffe photos before … But these should be in National Geographic ..
Thanks so much for sharing your trek with us .. I loved every minute of it .. These are just SOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful!!
And wanted to stop in and say HELLO from a fellow Ottawa photographer friend!!