Another place to be…

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From the same trip as the last post, here is a view near Manang, Nepal. In this image you can see Manang way below, the Annapurna peaks at over 8000m above, the Gangapurna glacier and its lake, as well miscellaneous other interesting stuff. If you are ever in Manang, make sure that you take the … Read More

Argentina 2/4

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This part of the trip took us out of Mendoza into the heart of the Andes Mountains. At 6962m, Aconcagua is the highest mountain the Americas and the highest outside of Asia. In a rental car we crossed desert at 36C, the alien landscapes of Valle de Luna, and the beautiful city of Cordoba – … Read More

Let the Argentina posts begin…

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Despite having taken about a fifth the number of pictures that we normally do when traveling (we were enjoying the time off too much I’m afraid), I still have 4 posts to come with pics from Argentina. This first post covers our time in the western part of Argentina in Northern Patagonia and then in … Read More

Back from Argentina…

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Hi all, just a note to let you know that we’re back from Argentina and hard at work. It’s going to be really big year to say the least. Before I get to posting picture from the trip, here are some interesting observations we made while in the Argentina. If you have ever been there, … Read More