Well we did it and we made it to the top!  On Saturday, March 15 we made an early push for the summit and our whole group made it to the top. We battled crazy headaches, low blood oxygen levels and remained in surprisingly good moods during the ascent that took 10 hours from 6am to 4pm (round trip). Stay tuned later this week as I add in more detail about the trip and maybe even a picture or two 🙂

From left to right: Mike, Andrew, Helene, Stephanie, Liberaty, Jules, Emmanuel. Our guides, porters, and whole crew were just amazing.


ahhhh. Uhuru. Been there done that. We summitted in Oct 0f 2006 to a full moon. Saw Orion rise above the horizon and experienced the windiest of conditions in years.

all worth it though.

wow, you started at 6 am. We had a 3 hour nap from the previous day’s climb and headed out at 11 PM climbing through the night.


I was carrying my pocket camera in my side pouch of my hiking pants. One night during the ascent as I was readying for bed, I was taking them off outside the tent when I lost my balance and stepped on it (had one pant leg off). Cracked the screen.

For the rest of my holidays I “took my best guess” when taking shots

Derrick, we purposely waited for your wedding date just so it would feel more significant 🙂
Congrats on your wedding!

Andrew, we had plenty of relaxation while we were there. Now it’s time to get to work!

congrats stephanie and andrew!!! i’m glad you made it back in one piece. what a great day to reach the summit, chantale and i were married on the 15th!!

looking forward to hearing more from the trip and of course seeing some pics.