Last Post Until April…

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This weekend we’re heading to Asia for 6 weeks of travel and shooting. This will be my last post until my return so I wish everyone the best until then. If you are looking to book a shoot from April on, please e-mail me (E-mail Andrew Van Beek) and you will get an automated reply … Read More

Travel Alert! Feb 15 – April 4

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If you are in need of a photo shoot or are thinking of talking to us about your wedding or photo project, here is some important information for the next few months. The studio will be closed for 7 weeks due to travel and overseas projects. We will have extremely limited access to e-mail but … Read More

Gear for sale…

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Well this isn’t my most exciting post this year but the time has come to upgrade some of my equipment. All of the gear has obvious wear from use but is in perfect working order (the more important thing when buying camera gear). FOR SALE: Canon 5D 12.8Mp Fullframe SLR with original box and contents … Read More

Farewell to old friends

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I know that this goes against business blog ettiquette but… This past week was a rough one for Bella who has had a bladder tumour for the last year and a half or so. While it was managable for most of the time, things took a sharp turn for the worse and we decided that … Read More

A Hike in the Gatineau Park

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In preparation for our Kilimanjaro trip in March, Stephanie and I have been doing a lot more exercise than is normal for us. Today’s outing brought us to one of the more northern parts of the Gatineau Park with the intention of snow shoeing but ended up just hiking instead.  It was a great day … Read More

Happy New Year!

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I hope that everyone had a great New Year’s celebration and is looking forward to 2008. We spent part of our New Year’s Eve on Parliament Hill with the biggest crowd I have ever seen on the Hill in winter. The fireworks were at least as good as any I have seen although my incredible … Read More