Amy & Mickey had their Wabano Centre Wedding a few weeks ago.

When Mickey initially contacted me about his wedding, I was in transit to Europe and admittedly, did a poor job getting back to him. So poor in fact, he had to email me again a few days later to schedule a call when I returned home. When we finally spoke, I was immediately struck by his calm demeanour and lack of stress.  I’m not sure why but the more relaxed he was, the more excited I became about shooting their wedding. We managed to meet at the Third Floor York Studio soon after where I met Amy. Again I was struck by this new calm person and wondered how two such seemingly stress free and perfectly calm people managed to find each other.  This made shooting their wedding even more exciting.

We met at the Museum of History for photos. It was hot and sunny and there was plenty of squinting and sweating to deal with. Luckily I wasn’t being photographed so it wasn’t that big of an issue. When we headed to the Wabano Centre, we were more than happy to enjoy some AC!

The Wabano Centre is new to the Ottawa wedding scene so it was exciting to try out a new space.  The building was designed by Douglas Cardinal (the same architect of the Museum of History) so the lines are organic and very reminiscent of the feel of the Museum of History. The space encourages an intimacy that you rarely see in any facility let alone for a wedding. This meant that Amy and Mickey were completely surrounded at all times by family and friends. It made for a very personal and incredibly fun time.

Thank you Melanie Shields for helping me out yet again and thank you Amy and Mickey for letting us capture such a fun day!


Wabano-Centre-Wedding-01 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-03 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-04 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-05 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-06 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-07 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-08 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-09 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-10 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-11 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-12 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-13 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-14 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-15 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-16 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-17 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-18 Wabano-Centre-Wedding-19