Renee and John had their Codes Mill wedding in Perth, Ontario a few weeks ago.

It’s always nice to shoot in Perth when we get the chance. The drive is relaxing, and the pace of the town makes things seem less frantic compared to being in a big city. This was certainly the case when we went to see Renee and John a few weeks ago. Getting ready started at the Best Western beside Codes Mill. The ceremony was outside in the middle of Stewart Park followed by photos in the area. The reception was beautifully run by the staff at Codes Mill while the entire day was made as smooth as can be by Courtney Elizabeth Events. By the strangest coincidence, I used to work with Renee’s father years ago and it was truly great to see him and a number of other former coworkers.

Many thanks to my associate photographer Jessica Reardon for assisting and shooting lots of extra great photos all day.

Lots of fun and emotion right through the day!  Thanks to you both for letting us capture such a beautiful day!


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