Jacynthe & Jean-Michel had their Gezellig Wedding on a rainy July day. While it rained for 90% of the day, it never really rained when it mattered most. This seems to often be the case these days so I’m not going to question it!

My first impression of Jacynthe and Jean-Michel last year was “wow, these two are shy!”. Our engagement shoot in the Gatineau Park was great and I decided that they weren’t actually all that shy. Instead I realized that they are about the most understated couple I have ever met. No wasted dialogue, no pretence, no need to just speak for the sake of it. At the same time, they come across as very sure of what they think without being pushy or with a need to convince. After spending their whole wedding day with them, I can add that they are ridiculously romantic, thoughtful, and as in love as I can imagine. The looks that they gave each other throughout the day were unmistakable. They’re both lucky as can be, and they know it.

Getting ready started in Aylmer followed by a trip to Gatineau to Paroisse Saint-Alexandre, a church that had to have been built by the same people who built my elementary school. It felt wonderfully cosy with the rain falling outside. We managed to get the family photos done in the church thanks to the continuing rain and jumped in our cars to meet on Bate Island in the middle of the Ottawa River for couple shots.  This spot was picked because this is where Jacynthe and Jean-Michel were also engaged. I won’t mention the involvement of Home Depot in this story and risk ruining the romantic undertone.Finally we ended up at Gezellig in Westboro for the reception. I hate to admit this but I had never been to Gezellig despite the fact that I know Steve Beckta and a lot of the staff. When you have a reception in a restaurant you can often expect low ceilings and not a lot of room…unless the building used to be a bank!  This has to be one of the best small venues that I have photographed in as there was a huge amount of natural light and the ceilings are at least 20 feet high!  I know, I know, who cares about that (me) and that was secondary to the service and the food that everyone experienced. Every course was perfect and paired with the right wines (I did I mention that these two are foodies?) and the presentation was beautiful.

May thanks to Melanie Shields for working with me once again!

Thank you Jacynthe and Jean-Michel for being such wonderful people and thank you Gezellig for making their night so impressive!  -Andrew


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