Guannan and Cuong had their Rockcliffe Pavilion and Restaurant 18 wedding right after Canada Day!

I’m afraid that this is a long one. I probably could have left out a bunch of these images but I so enjoyed spending the day with everyone that I just don’t want to leave any more of them out.

My relationship with these two goes back to last year when we met and then photographed their engagement photos. What I learned in that time was important.  Cuong was straight forward enough, he’s a solid guy, a bit reserved except with those closest to him, and obviously someone that people can count on. Guannan is fascinating; while on one side, she too is very solid and reliable, and you could mistake her for being reserved. The other side of Guannan is sensitive in the best way, thoughtful to the extreme, and so amazingly detail oriented.  To photograph, they were a dream, as was the entire day.

Getting ready was fun as usual and then we were treated to a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. A bonus for Chinese brides is that they get to have two dresses!  We then headed to Sussex and followed it to the Rockcliffe Pavilion for the ceremony. This was an Alan Viau special as the officiant at the Pavilion and he was his usual energetic self. After some family photos we headed into the post-Canada Day apocalypse in the ByWard Market and managed to find enough clear spaces to take photos.  Finally we headed into Restaurant 18 for a perfect reception and dinner. The meal was incredible.

After Guannan and Cuong, the people who made this day the most enjoyable were Shannon Kennedy of Kennedy Event Planning (and her wonderful sidekick Sonya) and my ever helpful Third Floor York studio-mate,  Melanie Shields. An unusually big chunk of the photos below were taken by Mel who was having a great day! Thanks Mel!

Finally, thank you Guannan and Cuong for letting us take all of these photos and the MANY more. It was a amazing day!


Restaurant-18-Wedding-108 Restaurant-18-Wedding-109 Restaurant-18-Wedding-110 Restaurant-18-Wedding-111 Restaurant-18-Wedding-112 Restaurant-18-Wedding-113 Restaurant-18-Wedding-114

Guannan gets the gift she hoped for! Great shots MelRestaurant-18-Wedding-115 Restaurant-18-Wedding-116 Restaurant-18-Wedding-117 Restaurant-18-Wedding-118 Ever move just the wrong way and feel something pop on your dress?Restaurant-18-Wedding-119 Restaurant-18-Wedding-120 Restaurant-18-Wedding-121 Restaurant-18-Wedding-122 Restaurant-18-Wedding-123 Restaurant-18-Wedding-124 Restaurant-18-Wedding-125 Restaurant-18-Wedding-126 Restaurant-18-Wedding-127 Restaurant-18-Wedding-128 Restaurant-18-Wedding-129 Restaurant-18-Wedding-130 Restaurant-18-Wedding-131 Restaurant-18-Wedding-132 Restaurant-18-Wedding-133 Restaurant-18-Wedding-134 Restaurant-18-Wedding-135 We have a version of this shot that worked but I so love this oneRestaurant-18-Wedding-136 Restaurant-18-Wedding-137 Restaurant-18-Wedding-137b Restaurant-18-Wedding-138 Restaurant-18-Wedding-139 Restaurant-18-Wedding-140 Restaurant-18-Wedding-141 Restaurant-18-Wedding-142 Restaurant-18-Wedding-143 Restaurant-18-Wedding-144 Restaurant-18-Wedding-145 Restaurant-18-Wedding-146 Restaurant-18-Wedding-147 Restaurant-18-Wedding-148 Restaurant-18-Wedding-149 Restaurant-18-Wedding-150 Restaurant-18-Wedding-151 Restaurant-18-Wedding-152 Restaurant-18-Wedding-153 Restaurant-18-Wedding-154 Restaurant-18-Wedding-155 Restaurant-18-Wedding-156 Restaurant-18-Wedding-157 Guannan’s Dad had the tough job of holding it together all day. Not easy!Restaurant-18-Wedding-158 Restaurant-18-Wedding-159