Ivana and Michael had their Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club Wedding at the beginning of July.

This was the first wedding I booked for 2016 with photoVanBeek Studio! The day started off pretty yucky with the rain and all but, soon into the getting ready with the guys, the mood was set for a great day. Everyone in the room was full of fun and excitement.

Not long after we arrived to meet with the girls (who shared the same vibe as the boys) at The Chateau Laurier for the 2nd part of the getting ready, a gift arrived from for Ivana from Michael. I don’t think there was a single dry eye in the room as she was opening her thoughtful gift from Michael. This was also the first time that I had ever seen the bride, not only do her own make up on the day of her wedding, but her mother’s as well!

The ceremony was beautiful, the rain finally stopped and we were able to go out on to the golf course for some pretty, romantic photos with the bride and groom.
Followed by an equally, if not more romantic choreographed first dance.

Thank you again to the lovely couple, working with you both was so much fun!


Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-001 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-002 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-003 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-004 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-005 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-006 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-007 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-008 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-009 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-010 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-011 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-012 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-013 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-014 Ottawa-Hunt-And-Golf-Club-Wedding-015