Samantha & Richard had their Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica, Mill Street Brewery wedding at the end of May.

These two were the first wedding that I booked for 2016. Despite it having been so long, I remembered exactly what they were like from our short meeting. Samantha is a spinning ball of energy while Richard is the archetypical strong, silent type. He has his opinions but doesn’t waste words getting them across. He’s also built like a tank so he doesn’t really need to convince anyone of anything.  🙂

The day started off with the guys being guys. Youtube was the teacher, father-in-law was the guide. After much mutual ribbing, plenty of tries and re-tries, and some emotional gift giving, the guys came out polished and ready to go.  The girls were nearby and they were already buzzing when we arrived. This part of the getting ready was fun, loud, and full of excitement. It’s at this point in a wedding when you now have a feel for the entire wedding party and you know that it’s going to be a fun day.

The ceremony was held at Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica in the ByWard Market and handled with precision as always. That massive space never ceases to impress and make for a spectacular backdrop.  We ended up doing half of the photos in the National Gallery area while the rest were done close to the Mill Street Brewery. Splitting the locations in half allowed for some nice variety.  While we only stayed at the reception at the Mill Street Brewery for a short while, it was beautifully set up for what would obviously be a wonderful evening.

Thank you Samantha & Richard for letting us capture this beautiful day and for making it as fun as possible!

Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-0 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-1Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-2 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-3 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-4 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-5 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-6 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-7 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-8 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-9 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-10 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-11 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-12 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-13 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-14 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-15 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-16 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-17 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-18 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-19 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-20 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-21 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-22 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-23 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-24 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-25 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-26 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-27 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-28 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-29 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-30 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-31 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-32 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-33 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-34 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-35 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-37 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-38 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-38b Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-39 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-40 Awesome variation of a shot by JessicaNotre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-41 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-42 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-43 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-44 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-45 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-46 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-47 Notre-Dame-Mill-Street-Wedding-48