So it’s March and I have FINALLY managed to put together my favourites wedding photos of 2016. Sometimes it’s best to give a few months to percolate to see what jumps out. My favourites come from a wide variety of couples and locations with a wide variety of backgrounds and stories of how they met. We photographed at Le Belvedere in Wakefield, at the Wakefield Mill, Stonefieids Heritage Farm, The Museum of Nature, The Elmdale Tavern, The Westin, Mill Street Brewery, Canvas Montreal, The Wabano Centre, and many places in between.

The common theme with all of these events was simple. It was pure joy. All summer we are reminded of the same thing over and over again. It’s not how important your location is, it’s not the perfect dress, the most matching flowers, the best ever meal… It’s 99% about who is there, with you at your wedding. Your family, your friends, and that one crazy person who agreed to marry you. Okay fine, the other stuff doesn’t hurt.

Now after spending some time with these images, we are ready for 2017!