Lindsay and Corey had their spring/winter wedding at Le Belvedere in Wakefield Quebec.

Forgive me in advance for being annoyingly enthusiastic during this blog post. As seems to be the norm from my last few weddings,  since I have been dealing with the most ridiculously happy, warm, and loving people that anyone could hope to meet.  It’s funny how when you first meet with clients in the year or so before their wedding, they are just new people who create a simple first impression. I remember enjoying my first encounter with these two and knowing that it would be a fun wedding. I didn’t realize how much more fun it would be than I expected. When we spoke of their April 1 wedding, we imagined the ground being bare, and a lot of flattened, brown grass everywhere.  April Fool’s didn’t disappoint and we were left with a lot of snow on the ground instead!

So, April 1, it’s raining that morning, the forecast is pretty much as bad as it can get, and there is a ton of snow. How can it get any better right?  Jessica and I arrived at the Belvedere guest house to see the guys and it was calm and cool. Super nice guys, very cute puppy unleashed right from the start, okay, things are looking good. Then we head to the Wakefield Mill to see the girls. We’re immediately greeted by Shannon from One Fine Beauty and Lori from Show Pony Hair. This is where I first realized that we might be in for an “all star wedding”. Also referred to as “dream team weddings”, these are the weddings where you get a convergence of the most professional and amazing vendors, a spectacular venue, and then a couple to match. If only the forecast wasn’t so bad (this is the sort of thing that I always think).

Within 10 minutes of hanging out with the girls, my face was already starting to hurt from laughing too much and then I looked out the window. It was getting sunny!  This is when in my head I hear a chorus of angels singing “Hallelujah” and other strange noises of joy. This is a perfect day.  That’s when I found out that Alan Viau was performing the ceremony and we decided to have it outside. Mind blown!  This does not happen in April!  I give full credit to all of the Irish in attendance and their famous “luck of”.

From here, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves and just thank the great people that I worked with, my trusty second shooter Jessica (lots of her photos in here). The biggest thanks go to Lindsay and Corey and their stellar family and friends. We could not have had better people to work with.

Wedding Venue – Le Belvedere
Getting Ready – The Wakefield Mill
Officient – Alan Viau
Flowers – Rebel Petal
Makeup – One Fine Beauty
Hair – Show Pony Hair


This is the cutest wedding guest I have seen in some time. She has the same name as my daughter so I wasn’t surprised. No offence to the rest of the guests who spent hours looking so good, but you can’t compete with this natural beauty.

If you had of told me that I would photographing the mother of the bride in the bathtub, I would not have pictured it quite like this.

A family that NEVER stops laughing together. 

Yup, there’s a frigging deer, right there!