You may or may not know this but we’re due to have a baby any day now. We’re already late so we took the opportunity to capture the last days of being pregnant. This is assuming she ever makes an appearance!

So a word for you pregnant ladies out there. I hear the complaints of feeling like “a beached whale”, not wanting cameras pointed at you, how this will ruin your body, blah, blah, blah. Well it’s not my place to argue with how you all feel but be rest assured, you never look more awesome than you do when you’re pregnant. Especially to those that matter.

Congratulations to you both! Stephanie, you looks beautiful! Beautiful shots of an amazing event in your life. Enjoy!

These are beautifully light…just lovely and warmest congratulations to you both. So happy for you!

My daughter was born 12 hours after we completed our pregnancy photo shoot.
Maybe your baby will arrive in 12 hours! Stephanie and baby are beautiful.

Stephanie looks beautiful! Gorgeous photos… I could not be more excited for you two. I am sooooo looking forward to the next chapter in this blog post!

Sending you all my very best,