Ask any wedding photographer what they think about winter weddings, and they will usually pause for a moment. Part of their brain remembers how cold it can be and how not thrilled to be outside people can get, while another part thinks about how stunningly beautiful it can be. Two weeks ago at Le Belvedere in Wakefield Quebec was definitely in the second camp. It was the coldest day in a month, but it was sunny and gorgeous, and everyone was all smiles and full of joy. My kind of day!

We started at the Wakefield Grand Hotel in Wakefield with the guys for a few sunny portraits followed by a trip to the guest house at Le Belvedere to meet the girls. While it was sunny, the temperature never broke -10C and dipped to -14C by evening. This kept us inside for a toasty ceremony followed by about an hour of dipping in and outside for photos. After that was all food and dancing. What better way to spend a day! Thank you, Stephanie and Mark, for being so great to work with and Le Belvedere so being so consistently wonderful.


The Wakefield Grand Hotel

The isn’t the only shot by Jessica Reardon in this post but it’s my favourite!