I  remember quite clearly, way back when Emily and Joel came to the studio to discuss their Strathmere wedding. We imagined a mid-April wedding which can be a bit chilly, but regardless of that, we were thinking of the clear, warm, fresh air out in the North Gower country-side.  Then came 2018 and the all-time record for the coldest day ever recorded for that day. We were also breaking sustained wind speed records every day leading up to the wedding.  These are the things that I worry about leading up to a wedding day mostly because I want my clients to be happy.

Then things got ironic. I already knew what Emily and Joel were like because I photographed their engagement session the summer before. They were wonderful to work with and full of ideas. But that was a sunny, perfect day. From the first second we arrived and we met the bridesmaids and family of Emily, we could see that things were going to be fun. Despite having to stand outside, in thin robes, open shoes, and bridesmaids dresses (and Emily in her wedding dress of course), these fantastic women just kept getting happier and more hilarious. I even wondered if anyone at this wedding was capable of complaining!  Of course, the guys were equally great but come on; guys don’t have to stand in the wind with strapless dresses and open shoes!

I will let the photos tell the rest of the story, but I would like to say that Strathmere did a fantastic job from start to finish and it was a pleasure to work with Steve from Two J’s Music.  Thanks to Emily and Joel for being the center of a fantastic group of family and friends and for making a not perfect weather day into a perfect wedding day.


Everyone needs a cool aunt

Behind the scenes

Maid of honour/portable heater

This was not my idea 🙂

This sums up the day perfectly

Small in stature, huge in impact