Laura and Tom had their Stonefields Wedding way back in August.  From a photography point of view, this was a fun wedding since it was the first time that we had the opportunity to shoot at Stonefields Heritage Farm with their brand-new barn! Stonefields is always a fun place to shoot but the new barn really ties everything together and makes for a great centrepiece.

More importantly, Laura and Tom were a big highlight of the summer for me. Laura is a professional musician and one of the most intuitive and sensitive people that I have met. Tom matches her sensitivity and adds a warm, playfulness that you know will result in a very enjoyable day. The day ended up fitting with those personality traits exactly as expected. During the ceremony we were treated to the sounds of a huge choir singing some of Laura’s compositions, underneath the side patio of the barn. We ended up in this space because it started to rain right before the ceremony and it turned out to be a very close and intimate space for everyone in attendance. More than once you could feel the hair standing up on the back of your neck and your eyes watering because of the music combined with the emotion of the ceremony. The rain managed to stop in time for photos and the rest of the evening went perfectly in the comfort of the big barn.

A big added bonus to shooting this big beautiful wedding was being able to work with Alan Viau as their officiant and his lovely wife Maureen. Alan and Maureen have been family friends with Laura since she was a kid making this a true family experience.  Thank you to Karine, my first time assistant, for the hard work and excellent additional photos.

Finally, the biggest thanks go to Laura and Tom for letting me part of such a stunning and personal day. It was a day I’d love to do over and over 🙂