Anna & Mike had their Mill Street Wedding at the end of October.

I always get nervous at the end of October when it’s time to shoot the last wedding of the season. Since the rest of the season was so great, you get this feeling that now it’s payback time. Looking at the weather forecast in the days leading up to Anna & Mike’s wedding, that feeling only grew. As we left to meet everyone at the Chateau Laurier, the rain was pelting down and the radar looked like a mess.

When we arrived in Anna’s room, everything changed. You would have thought that it was sunny with a light, warm breeze given the mood of everyone. With that feeling, I headed down to see the guys. I had not had the pleasure of meeting Mike before the wedding so I was pleasantly surprised when the door opened and there he was. It’s not often you automatically like people the moment you meet them but that was Mike AND his groomsmen. The volley of Trump jokes started early and continued most of the day.

By the time we got outside for some photos, the rain had not stopped and it was COLD. Again, there was nothing but smiles and happiness from this group. It was one of those moments where you quietly think to yourself, “geeze, why am I such a whiner”  🙂

Everything at the Mill Street Brew Pub was ready to go when we arrived. This was the first time I had seen a ceremony here and not just the reception. It’s always nice but this time it was extra beautiful thanks the hard work of Jackie Scott at Bluebird Weddings. From well before the wedding and all the way through, Jackie kept things running perfectly and everyone well informed.

The rest of the night was great all the way through and a great end of the season wedding! Thank you Jackie for keeping everything running so smoothly, Jessica for the always great assistance, the Mill Street for the great venue and of course, Anna & Mike for being the best possible couple to end the season with.


mill-st-ottawa-wedding-01 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-02 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-03

It was was a full on, Trump inspired wedding! “Wrong”mill-st-ottawa-wedding-04 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-05 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-06 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-07 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-08 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-09 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-10 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-11 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-12 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-13 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-14 Not one sign of being annoyed by the driving rain. I was more than a little impressed.mill-st-ottawa-wedding-15 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-16 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-17 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-18 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-19 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-20 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-21 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-22 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-23 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-24 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-25 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-26 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-27 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-28 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-29 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-30 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-31 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-32 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-33 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-34 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-35 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-36 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-37 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-38 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-39 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-40 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-41 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-42 mill-st-ottawa-wedding-43