Meet Jen and Jay. Their wedding at the Le Belvedere in Wakefield was  just a couple of weeks ago on what may have been the nicest possible day someone could ask for.

I was lucky to already know Jen and Jay from a gorgeous engagement shoot last summer. What I knew is that Jen knows what she wants, has a great eye for detail, and is sassy and fun. I knew Jay to be calm and cool,  and a subtle but fun guy. What they had together was chemistry and a hint that they might like each other </sarcastic understatement>.

There was no warm up time required on this day, it was just high energy from the get go. The guys were excited and the girls were “on”. I can honestly say that there wasn’t even a slight lull at any point during the day from the getting ready, the early wedding party and couple photos, the tea ceremony, the outdoor ceremony, the many many family photos and then the reception… If you have ever been to a facility that tests jet engines,  crowd surfed in a mosh pit, run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, or were in Ottawa for game 6 of the semi-finals, then you have an idea what this reception was like. Before Jen and Jay were even introduced, the crowd was deafening. When they finally rounded the corner to see everyone, my ears started distorting, the floor was shaking, and the Belvedere staff were fidgeting nervously.  We could only laugh hysterically from the energy and hang on for dear life.

You guys have set the bar pretty high for the summer so thanks for that!

Many thanks to the ever amazing staff at Le Belvedere for always doing a little bit more than expected even when you didn’t think of it.

Thanks as well to my newest assistant Jon who provided some of the photos below!


A very good shot from Jon, taking advantage of another angle…

What happens when I seriously push my luck with a wedding party!

Jen’s Dad being shown no mercy with the first look in her dress. He handled it well!

It took great restraint to not hug these amazing ladies all day.

Not the first time I have seen a groom lunge for a kiss when the bride has finished her vows. 

And then things got crazy…