Julina & Brad are kind of a big deal.  Julina is the first person whose wedding I have photographed who I have known since birth, through childhood and adolescence and all the way to adulthood. She is my niece and that is a big deal.  This also means that every one of my own siblings, many cousins, nephews, nieces, and my wife and daughter were in attendance, giving me the pleasure of documenting my own family.  This includes all of the people who originally made me aware of photography and set the example for me to get myself on the photography path.  Well enough about me.

The day started with Brad and the boys at the always beautiful Perth Manor as they were arriving back from the barber. In typical groom/groomsmen fashion, they whipped themselves together in no time while learning how to tie their ties, mock each other, and mostly laugh the entire time. There is something to be said for the simplicity of being male.  The girls were at the family cottage about 15 minutes away. Given the choice between getting ready in a hotel and the cottage, Julina picked the latter because it’s a place they have come for their entire lives and was originally built by her great-grandfather. It doesn’t get more personal than that and it made for a perfect backdrop.

Finally, we ended up at Stewart Park in the centre of Perth. You could not have ordered a better combination of weather and location for the ceremony. The icing on the cake was a particularly perfect, custom ceremony by Keith Langille which was filled with tears, laughter, and great moments the whole way through. The park also provided the gorgeous backdrop for family and couple photos and we finally made our way to the Stone Cellar (literally across the street) for a fantastic dinner and reception.

Julina and Brad, you pulled off one of the most intimate, sweet, and beautiful weddings that I have witnessed and it was my honour to capture as much of it as both Jessica and I could manage. I love you both and can see how perfectly matched the two of you are.

Thank you, Jessica Reardon, for the great candids and usual great assistance!  Thank you Keith for making the ceremony worth talking about for the rest of the evening!