Be warned, this blog post is way too long. But that’s okay with me.

Every few years, I get to photograph the wedding of one of my assistants or second photographers. The last time I photographed the wedding of one of my former assistants, Jessica was my assistant! (read it again, it will make sense). I was at this wedding because of one fortuitous phone call made by Jessica’s father (Steve) almost seven years ago. Jessica was finishing high school and wanted to enter into a photography program the following September. She needed a photography placement so Steve thought why not try me. I should note that I met Steve when I was twelve so we had a long history. Had it not been for that history, I would not have met with Jessica, I would not have realized what an exceptional person she was and would have missed out on a wonderful assistant, a talented photographer, and most importantly, a great long-term friend. I probably wouldn’t know who Alex was either. The lesson here is, “always answer your phone”.

The day started out at Alex’s parent’s house in Casselman. Like many getting ready sessions, YouTube was consulted, a lot a trial and error occurred, and the guys managed to drink, make fun of one another, and make a lot of jokes that I can’t even consider writing here. Guys; we’re predictable, what can I say. It was fun and my face really hurt from laughing by the time I left.  It took me a surprisingly long time to get used to photographing Jessica. We have worked roughly 70-80 weddings together and I had met a lot of her friends and even worked with one. I had also heard a million stories and seen way too many Facebook posts about everyone there. It was crazy and loud and about as much fun working with everyone as I have ever had at a wedding.

We did most of the photos in Limoges and finally headed into Ottawa way later than we should have. Who would have thought that there would be rush hour traffic at rush hour on a Friday? Needless to say, the schedule fanatics were late for the wedding (first time ever) but it worked out fine since we were all late. The ceremony at Lago was emotional and sweet, and we managed to get all the photos done outside only minutes before the rain started for the night.  Finally, the reception started off loud and never slowed down. My only regret is that I could not stay late because I had a wedding the following day.

Thank you Sylvie, for the wraps that brought me back from the brink before we went downtown. Thank you Steve, for making that call. Thank you Lianne, for going above and beyond as my pseudo assistant (I’m still surprised). Thank you Val and Jean, for the additional help during the family photos. Thank you Lago, for great food and location. Thank you Jessica, for the surprisingly emotional mention during your speech (it caught me off guard), and finally, thank you both (Jessica and Alex) for a fantastic and fun day!


Inappropriate Joke #32

Socks and Ties. It’s all we have to express ourselves.

I have seen Jessica dressed up on occasion but this really took the cake

I love a good reveal. We did a lot of them!

If you can make Alex lose his composure, that’s a home run

The wedding party. From space.

This might be one of my favourite shots of the day. I make Jessica go in so many ridiculous places on a wedding day that she even outdid herself on her own day.

Can you hear the triple clap from the Friends theme song? 

Alex playing his heart out with his Dad.  Wow.