Emily and Stefan’s Orange Gallery Wedding was a short, sweet, and wonderfully enjoyable wedding last summer. The day was characteristically hot which sounds so nice these days but we were happy to have the AC at the Gallery.

Emily and Stefan were a joy to work with. They are a perfect blend of brilliant, thoughtful and fun which always amazes me when you think about the odds of a couple finding each other, but it’s great to see when they do.  We started the day by meeting for their couple shoot and enjoying one of the less busy areas of Ottawa. The ceremony was a great mix of intimate, fun and with a perfect ratio or tears and laughter.  After the ceremony, there was a constant parade of delicious food and drink from the reception and on through dinner.

Thank you Emily and Stefan for being so great to work with and thank you to the Orange Gallery for providing the perfect backdrop.

I love it when this is the first photo of the day!