I have to admit that waiting to blog your weddings until the winter makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.  Revisiting the beautiful days and the great people is surprisingly uplifting.

That brings us to Gillian & Trent’s Westport Wedding at the Cove Inn.  Gillian and Trent are a special couple. They have such a strong mix of brains, creativity, artistic ability, warmth, and generosity that it’s dizzying. Gillian is a scientist/cancer researcher and yet plays violin beautifully while Trent is a Disney animator who has worked on many well-known characters like Olaf from the Frozen movie.  To add to that, they decided to have the most personal wedding in an area that has long been part of them, and hand make most of the decorations.

At the tail end of the summer, I drove to Westport to meet with the girls while they got ready for the day. If you have never been to Westport, it’s a gorgeous little town in the Rideau Lakes with lots of water and greenery.  The girls had a small cottage on the edge of the water for their getting ready. The guys (Trent and his brother) were at the family cottage which added a great personal touch. Gillian met us there for their first look and the first part of their couple photos. Capturing the location as part of their couple photos gave the photos a whole other level of meaning.

The trip back to Westport brought us to the back of the Cove Inn, facing the Westport Pond for the ceremony.  The location was stunning, the ceremony was emotional and full of beautiful moments. After the ceremony, we had a little more time for photos at the Scheuermann Vineyard and Winery. I will let the photos below speak to the rest of the photos including a reception filled with music and hilarious speeches.

Thank you Gillian and Trent for letting me capture this amazing day and for being so wonderful to work with.