If you’re not from Bobcaygeon the first thing you think about when you hear the name is, “why does that sound so familiar?”. If you’re old enough to remember, it’s also the title of a popular Tragically Hip song. Now you know.

The last time that I saw Tausha and Justin, we were shooting their engagement session on a much warmer than expected November day. By sheer fluke, we finally got the first snow the day before their wedding. This didn’t make the drive to the area any better but it made for a gorgeous setting.

To make things even more amazing, they managed to secure all of the Eganridge Inn in Fenelon Falls. This made the entire day feel like a true family affair since we had the run of every part of it. The Dunsford House provided a huge cosy space for the getting ready, the grounds are stunning for photos, and the main building was able to accommodate the reception.

The highlight of the day for me was shooting my first entirely-in-the-dark ceremony which at first glance seems a bit scary for a photographer. In the end it resulted in some the more unique ceremony photos that I have managed to produce.

Tausha and Justin were truly a blast to work with. Tausha could be considered a detail oriented person (my favourite!) and Justin can’t seem to avoid being in a great mood. This combination can’t be beat so as you may have guessed, the day was completely fantastic!

Thank you to Mel Shields from the Third Floor York family for taking New Year’s Eve to second shoot with me. You made the travel and shooting much more enjoyable!


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