Searching for a wedding photographer was something, to be honest, that I was dreading.  My husband and I are both a bit shy in front of the camera and don’t often have our photographs taken.  Meeting Andrew Van Beek made all those feelings disappear.  He immediately made us both feel really comfortable and at ease and made the entire process not only manageable, but genuinely enjoyable.  From the first moments of our engagement shoot at Rideau Hall, we knew we were in good hands with Andrew. He knew just what to say to help us relax and caught the perfect candid moments that showed us at our best.   Our September wedding was a damp, dreary and freezing cold day but Andrew not only kept our spirits up for all our shots, but took some incredible pictures that almost (almost!) made the weather a blessing. He captured moments at our wedding and engagement shoot that only a truly talented eye would see and we are utterly grateful for all his work.  Andrew is exactly the right mix of professional and fun – his work is impeccable and yet we felt like we had a friend with us for one of the most important days of our lives together.  The memories he created will be with us forever and I can’t wait for our paths to cross again.