Last week I was contacted by Shaun with an idea to surprise his girlfriend (term no longer applicable) Amy with some surprise proposal photography. Actually the real surprise was the proposal but the photography part was a nice touch 🙂

The plan started at a coffee shop where Shaun and Amy had a snack and headed out for a walk. My roll was to play the nerdy tourist with too much camera gear and a bike while I photographed boats from the Crosstown Bridge near the University of Ottawa. Thankfully this roll wasn’t a big stretch for me and I spun around as Shaun mentioned “I have a question to ask you”.  Everything went as planned, a new lock was added to the bridge to commemorate their commitment, the keys were flung into the water, and we even managed to do a bit of an engagement shoot afterwards. Very classy Shaun, you just made a lot of guys look really bad and I’m glad that I was there to help out!

By the way, Amy is a recently re-located photographer here in Ottawa and you can see her lovely work here: Amy Sturgeon Photography

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