Lauren & Simon had a Bean Town Ranch wedding this summer.  I tried to come up with words to describe Lauren and Simon and after blogging for years it gets very monotonous. Awesome, fantastic, wonderful, lovely, sweet, hilarious,  incredible are words that come to mind but really, it sounds hollow. Instead, I will describe how I felt throughout their day.

Seeing Lauren when she arrived at Bean Town was exactly that feeling you get when you see an old friend. My mood brightened, I could not stop smiling, and I probably made a lot of dumb jokes. The reason for this is that Lauren beams with joy and enthusiasm and if you get caught in the ray, you’re immediately caught up in it.  Whether you’re in a meeting, receiving an email, or a text, it’s always the same. Then I went to see Simon…  I won’t say that Lauren and Simon are the same but you can’t help but marvel how two such positive people could manage to meet and get together. I tried to imagine the two of them having a fight and the only dialog that I could come up with went something like this, Lauren: “No, I love you more.” Simon: “I highly doubt you could love me more than I love you.” Lauren: “How dare you! Would you like more bacon?”  Harsh, I know…

So, the wedding had many of the wedding steps. A short getting ready, a reveal, some photo taking, a ceremony, family photos, a reception, eating, drinking, sore faces from smiling and laughing too much. It was a template for how one should be on their wedding day. Beaming with those you love and basking in their presence.  A lesson for all.

Thank you to the crew at Bean Town. You are so good!  Thanks to Greg Cotton for adding more fun and some great photos. And well, Lauren and Simon…  you know. 🙂