Hi all, just a note to let you know that we’re back from Argentina and hard at work. It’s going to be really big year to say the least. Before I get to posting picture from the trip, here are some interesting observations we made while in the Argentina.

If you have ever been there, you might find some of it amusing:


  • Normal dinner time is 10pm
  • Wine can be as cheap as a coke
  • There are very few choices for beer. Quilmet beer is available anywhere.
  • A lot of coffee tastes like plastic. This seems to be mostly in brewed coffee. In the bigger cities you can get great coffee
  • Sugar is added to almost everything including: Ground coffee, Plain yogurt, Beer, Corn flakes, Croissants
  • Breakfast tables look like dessert tables.
  • Butter is rarely available for bread but there are dozens of other things from beans to pickled egg plant
  • Bread is almost without exception, very fresh
  • Anything not imported from outside South America is very inexpensive. Food is very cheap and its normal to get 16oz of top quality sirloin for $8 CDN. They say it’s 500g of meat but it looks like about 50% more than that most times.
  • Many restaurants play music so loud you can’t talk
  • Restaurants never give you your bill unless you ask for it


  • Rentals cars are surprisingly expensive and have ridiculous insurance policies (like no liability for example).
  • Volkswagen seems to dominate the car market and mostly withmodels not available in North America. The Gol (not to be confused with the Golf) and the Suran are the most common.
  • City buses are deafeningly loud
  • Internet cafes and Wifi are everywhere and about 10 times more common than in Canada
  • Almost all english music that you hear is retro and seldom later than the 90s
  • Dogs are never fixed. Outside of BA they almost never on a leash and yet seem perfectly happy and well fed.
  • Napkins are mostly like wax paper.
  • Restaurants allow children to beg at tables
  • There are bars on all windows of every building and home
  • Public monuments and most buildings are fenced from public access
  • Sidewalks in front on buildings and homes seem to be the responsibility of building owners
  • Speed ditches are used in many smaller towns and are very hard to see. I found this out the hard way.
  • When traveling on highways, there are tons of police check points
  • There are a lot of very touristy markets
  • Names is cities and towns are used over and over. If you know the following names, you will know most of the street names in Argentina:  San Marco, San Juan, Mitre, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Tucumen, San Luis, San Martin, Junin, Belgrano, Rioja, De Mayo, Maipu, Santa Cruz, Independencia, Sarmiento, Salta, De Julio, Rividavia
  • Buses is Argentina can be ridiculously luxurious with seats that can lie flat and hot meals


  • In BA, road lines seem optional
  • Taxis are about equal in number to regular cars
  • You can always get a taxi immediately pretty much anywhere
  • Many restaurants charge a cover and add a gratuity to the bill. If there is some live entertainment they will also pass a hat on top of that. Good thing the food is so inexpensive!

Argentina is a beautiful place filled with great people.