It’s ironic that with very few exceptions, the more nervous my clients are before a shoot, the more fun we seem to end up having, and the more I like the photos. Maybe it’s because we all try a little harder, or pay more attention, or there is a release of nervous energy but somehow it ends up being great. It has come to the point where I love when people tell me how much they hate being photographed or how nervous they are. These two fall into the nervous category.

I met with Guannan & Cuong this Fall for their Arboretum Engagement Session. You know it will be a good shoot when the first thing you are offered is an apple tart! It lasted about 5 seconds into my drive home.  Despite the nerves about not knowing how they were going to pose or be during the shoot, they both fell immediately into the right groove. When two people have this much chemistry and sweetness, they pretty much photograph themselves!

I look very forward to their wedding next summer! Now let’s get through this winter…


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