Trista and Mason had their Stonefields Heritage Farm wedding a few weeks back. We only just met four days before the wedding after they booked me by email last year. Our first meeting was for their engagement shoot!

It was pretty obvious that this was going to be a great day. Trista and Mason are awesome, Stonefields is obviously awesome, and that weather! One of the best things about a location like Stonefields is that everything is in one place. No driving from place to place or worrying about parking. This gives us plenty of time to pay attention to every detail and not miss a thing.

Since these two live in rural Alberta, the theme of the wedding was mostly country based. I never realized how well that theme would work with this location until I had a chance to see everyone. Everyone looked awesome! A useful side note; cowboy boots are a much more practical alternative for the girls on the wedding day. Not one mention of heels getting stuck in cracks or in the grass!

Thyme & Again provided a wonderful meal as they have at every event I have seen them at this year. Thanks to all for yet another great wedding. This summer has been truly spectacular!


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