Last night was kind of a big deal.  Let me start a little further back.

Alex (romantic guy on knee below) called me earlier this week to see what I thought about capturing his courageous proposal to his long time girl friend Jessica. The big deal about this from my point of view is that Jessica has been my photography assistant for the last 4 years and has become a very good friend. Top it off with the fact that I have known her father since we were teenagers.

So plans were laid and Alex and I had a plan to “bump into each other” close to the Third Floor York studio at 1 York St. I was on my way to shoot an engagement session and Alex and Jessica were checking out the court yard complete with bear sculpture. I had to get going and said my good byes and headed towards the exit. As I did this, Alex dropped to one knee and Jessica got very confused…  Well done Alex and congratulations to you both!

The knee…ottawa-proposal-photography1

The shock…ottawa-proposal-photography2

And the rest…ottawa-proposal-photography3