Joanna and Ruben had their Notre Dame Basilica wedding on a perfect October day. This wedding was short and  sweet and took place over the span of only four hours for me.

Right from the start on the outside stairs of Notre Dame Basilica, everything was very upbeat and fun. This may or may not have been directly related to the fact that the first people that I spoke to were Ruben’s Dutch family.   I have had a high number of Dutch clients this year and not to say that any type of client is better than another, but the familiarity is always a lot of fun.   The ceremony was interesting for me as it was held entirely in the sanctuary at Notre Dame. It’s a great way to make a smaller wedding feel intimate and special in an otherwise huge space. Very much the best of both worlds!

After the ceremony, we had beautiful,  late fall light for family and couple photos. This was followed by a short time at Play Restaurant for me where they had a multi-course and obviously spectacular meal prepared for the remainder of the evening.  A perfectly elegant way to end a perfectly elegant day!


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