Sheri and Andrew got married a week and a half ago in Mont Trembant, Quebec.  Most of the day was spent in and around Le Grand Lodge for the getting ready, many of the photos, and the reception. For the ceremony and other photos, we were at the St Bernard Chapel and the Mont Tremblant Ski Village.

Our day started early in Ottawa and we hit the road at 8am and -28C. This was officially the coldest wedding morning that I have ever seen and beat out my old record by more than 10C! Some records don’t need to be broken.

By the time we arrived in Mont Tremblant, the car had warmed up and we spent a couple of hours with the wedding parties before heading to the beautiful St Bernard Chapel. Despite the cold and all the associated kidding about it, one had to admit that it was stunningly beautiful outside. We ended up having a surprise sunny day and just enough light to get us through the photos and some evening shots. Thanks to the endless tenacity and Newfoundland toughness of Sheri (who seems to be either impervious to cold or actually enjoys it), we had one of the best winter shoots that I have had the pleasure to photograph. The rest of us tried to keep up and by the end of it all, it was well worth the effort!  Great day you guys!

Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-01 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-02 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-03 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-04 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-05 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-06 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-07 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-08 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-09 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-10 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-11 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-12 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-13 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-14 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-15 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-16 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-17 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-18 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-19 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-20 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-21 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-22 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-23 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-24 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-25 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-26 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-27 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-28 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-29 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-30 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-31 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-32 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-33 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-34 Mont-Tremblant-Le-Grand-Lodge-Wedding-35