Katie and John had their wedding at Le Belvedere in Wakefield, Quebec. In case you aren’t familiar with Le Belvedere, or Wakefield, they are both located about 40km north of Ottawa among rolling hills, farmers’ fields, and the fast-flowing Gatineau River. Le Belvedere is perched high above an old flood plain (now farmer’s fields) and about a five minute drive from the Gendron covered bridge.

Both the girls and guys managed to get ready onsite at the guesthouse without seeing each other. This was before we were to all converge on the Wakefield Bridge for the reveal and for wedding party and some couple photos. Since this was a Friday wedding, we had minimal exposure to people jumping off the bridge!

It was great to get this part done early so that we could then concentrate on the ceremony and reception afterwards. As you can see from the photos, we were treated to perfect weather and everything was as perfect as can be. Great people plus great venue (with more great people) plus a beautiful day. There’s nothing more that we could ask for. Congratulations Katie and John. You guys were amazing!


belvedere-wedding-01 belvedere-wedding-02 belvedere-wedding-06 belvedere-wedding-05 belvedere-wedding-04 belvedere-wedding-03belvedere-wedding-07 belvedere-wedding-08 belvedere-wedding-09

The girls entering the bridge in the back ground…belvedere-wedding-10

The guys anxiously wishing they could turn around while making inappropriate remarks :-pbelvedere-wedding-11 belvedere-wedding-12 belvedere-wedding-13 belvedere-wedding-14 belvedere-wedding-15 belvedere-wedding-16 belvedere-wedding-17 belvedere-wedding-18 belvedere-wedding-19 belvedere-wedding-20belvedere-wedding-21 belvedere-wedding-22xbelvedere-wedding-24 belvedere-wedding-25 belvedere-wedding-26 belvedere-wedding-27

Neither John nor Katie believe me that my bus driver from school owned the farm in the back. Why would I make that up??belvedere-wedding-28 belvedere-wedding-29 belvedere-wedding-30 belvedere-wedding-31

Yeah yeah I did this before but I love the view!belvedere-wedding-32

Part of the new Le Belvedere mega-deck on the lower right.belvedere-wedding-33

Nice intro shot from Jessica Reardonbelvedere-wedding-34 belvedere-wedding-35 belvedere-wedding-36

A momentary escape for a few more photos…belvedere-wedding-37 belvedere-wedding-38 belvedere-wedding-39 belvedere-wedding-40 belvedere-wedding-41