Sara and Allie had their Bean Town Ranch wedding on a gorgeous Sunday right after Canada Day.

It had been awhile since we had our initial meetings about their wedding day and I still knew that this would be a super fun wedding. From the first minute at Sara’s house to the end of the reception MANY hours later, this wedding was about as perfect as can be.  From ridiculously excited and funny bridesmaids (and LOTS of them), plenty of time for everything, the staff at Beantown, my great second shooter, Melanie Shields, and just a generally fun crowd, there is nothing that I could think of that would have made this day any better.

It’s possible that the day started out so well because we we able to see two brides in the same day. No offence to guys, but generally speaking, the getting guys ready portion of the day isn’t as elaborate as the girls. Most of the time is spent with the guys looking online how to tie their ties or how to make a handkerchief look right in a pocket. The banter is great but it’s not as exciting to photograph as with the girls. In this case we had a double fun time with the girls and plenty of time.

Our time at Bean Town (thank you autocorrect, it’s still not Benton) was nothing short of miraculous. The ladies who ran this wedding (Pascale, Elysha, and Genevieve) might be the closest to perfection that I have seen. They are all wired together talking constantly while handing off various people and timing everything perfectly. Not only do they keep clients and guests happy by anticipating their needs, they even made sure that we (the help) had water all the time and were thoroughly stuffed by the end of dinner. This is a brilliant tactic since it makes sure that everyone is very energetic and ready for anything. This makes everyone better.

At the heart of all of this fun, and the reason that everyone was there in the first place, was Sara and Allie. The amount of love and joy between these two was enough to keep everything going perfectly in the first place. They certainly acted as the catalyst to make everything turn out as well as it did and it’s easy to see that this was a hell of a kick off to the rest of their lives!

Venue – Bean Town Ranch
Dresses – Luxe Bridal Boutique
Flowers – Harmony Florals
Photography – Andrew Van Beek, Melanie Shields


beantown-ranch-wedding-01 beantown-ranch-wedding-02 beantown-ranch-wedding-03 beantown-ranch-wedding-04 beantown-ranch-wedding-05

This tattoo sums up Allie. Thanks for this photo Melaniebeantown-ranch-wedding-06
Alone with a note from Sara.beantown-ranch-wedding-07 beantown-ranch-wedding-08 beantown-ranch-wedding-09 beantown-ranch-wedding-10 beantown-ranch-wedding-11 beantown-ranch-wedding-12

Moms eh? beantown-ranch-wedding-13 beantown-ranch-wedding-14

Not so alone with a note from Alliebeantown-ranch-wedding-15

Surprisingly, much more practical than your average wedding shoe…beantown-ranch-wedding-16 beantown-ranch-wedding-17 beantown-ranch-wedding-18

Argh, she’s right there!beantown-ranch-wedding-19 beantown-ranch-wedding-20
beantown-ranch-wedding-22 beantown-ranch-wedding-23

Sweet shot from Melanie. There may have been grass stains.beantown-ranch-wedding-24 beantown-ranch-wedding-25 beantown-ranch-wedding-26 beantown-ranch-wedding-27 beantown-ranch-wedding-28 beantown-ranch-wedding-29

One cool grandpa.beantown-ranch-wedding-30 beantown-ranch-wedding-31 beantown-ranch-wedding-32 beantown-ranch-wedding-33 beantown-ranch-wedding-34 beantown-ranch-wedding-35 beantown-ranch-wedding-36

These horses had as much fun as we did just teasing us while trying to shootbeantown-ranch-wedding-37 beantown-ranch-wedding-38 beantown-ranch-wedding-39

Allie beaming? Too bad of a pun?beantown-ranch-wedding-40 beantown-ranch-wedding-41 beantown-ranch-wedding-42 beantown-ranch-wedding-43 beantown-ranch-wedding-44

Chef Paul Silk showing off for the crowd while making flaming crepes. The whole dinner was perfection.beantown-ranch-wedding-45 beantown-ranch-wedding-46 beantown-ranch-wedding-47 beantown-ranch-wedding-48

I told you that grandpa was coolbeantown-ranch-wedding-49 beantown-ranch-wedding-50

Double barrel bouquets!beantown-ranch-wedding-51