The Romance of Improvisation in Canada

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  The Romance of Improvisation in Canada is a collection of songs adapted from prolific NFB composer and musician, Eldon Rathburn.  All of the songs on the album were taken from film scores written by Eldon Rathburn and then adapted into a full song and album format. This task and the full production of the album … Read More

Lauren & Simon’s Bean Town Ranch Wedding

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  Lauren & Simon had a Bean Town Ranch wedding this summer.  I tried to come up with words to describe Lauren and Simon and after blogging for years it gets very monotonous. Awesome, fantastic, wonderful, lovely, sweet, hilarious,  incredible are words that come to mind but really, it sounds hollow. Instead, I will describe … Read More

A TwentyTwo at the Westin Wedding

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  Rahman and Hilary had their TwentyTwo at the Westin way back in June. Yes, blogging took a back seat this summer so we’re back at it.  I first worked with these two during La Machine in 2017 and we had a great time chasing the robots around downtown and navigating huge crowds. Despite the madness, we … Read More

A Lago Wedding for Jessica & Alex

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  Be warned, this blog post is way too long. But that’s okay with me. Every few years, I get to photograph the wedding of one of my assistants or second photographers. The last time I photographed the wedding of one of my former assistants, Jessica was my assistant! (read it again, it will make … Read More

Julina & Brad’s Perth Wedding

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  Julina & Brad are kind of a big deal.  Julina is the first person whose wedding I have photographed who I have known since birth, through childhood and adolescence and all the way to adulthood. She is my niece and that is a big deal.  This also means that every one of my own siblings, … Read More

Megan & Andrew’s Beckta Wedding

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  Megan and Andrew had a Beckta wedding on a perfect sunny day just a few weeks ago. This day was quite amazing since it’s the first time in 8 months that we experienced a wedding day that was not dominated by the weather. Well, that’s not entirely true since all anyone could talk about … Read More

A Cedarview Wedding for Alex and Laurie

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  The first wedding of the season is always so exciting! Alex and Laurie’s was such a fun and delightful wedding to kick off this wedding season. When I first met Alex and Laurie, I could tell how much they loved each other and were so excited to get married! So there was no surprise … Read More

A Spring Wedding at Strathmere

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  I  remember quite clearly, way back when Emily and Joel came to the studio to discuss their Strathmere wedding. We imagined a mid-April wedding which can be a bit chilly, but regardless of that, we were thinking of the clear, warm, fresh air out in the North Gower country-side.  Then came 2018 and the … Read More

A Winter Wedding in Wakefield

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  Ask any wedding photographer what they think about winter weddings, and they will usually pause for a moment. Part of their brain remembers how cold it can be and how not thrilled to be outside people can get, while another part thinks about how stunningly beautiful it can be. Two weeks ago at Le … Read More

A Doubletree by Hilton Gatineau Wedding

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  Anna and Chris had their Doubletree by Hilton Gatineau Wedding last summer on a gorgeous day in in August. If you aren’t familiar with the Doubletree by Hilton Gatineau, it used to be called the Chateau Cartier. Anna and Chris’s day was filled with laughter, beauty, family, and was as joyful as one could hope to … Read More