Sarah and Patrick had their Jabulani Vineyard wedding in August. I was lucky to have met Patrick four years ago at his sister’s wedding and have since spoken to various family members off and on since then. I was also lucky enough to photograph Patrick and his dad perform live with their blues band, Barry and the Blasters.  This meant that there were a lot of familiar faces in the crowd which always makes for a great shoot. It also meant that I could easily see how well Sarah’s and Patrick’s families blend together. This was most apparent when both of their fathers performed a few songs during the reception with their impromptu group named the “Doodads” (get it?). It’s not often that you see something like this where the performers are actually great musicians and make the event way better.

Not everything was perfectly smooth for this wedding though. For one, Sarah was a McCaffrey orphan and for a while wasn’t even sure if she would get her dress! Add to that the fact that their bus which contained 80% of the guests, broke down on the way to the wedding and made for some tense moments. In the end, Sarah got her dress, the bus only made things a little late, and everything else went so well that none of that mattered. We ended up with perfect weather, a truly wonderful group of people, and one of the more enjoyable weddings of the summer. Anyone can only hope for such a perfect day.

Thanks for a great day you guys!


I rarely photograph a groom carrying a bail of hay on his wedding day

All getting ready shots by Jessica!

Emotional guys like Patrick help me to feel like I’m normal. Thanks Patrick.Jabulani-Vineyard-Wedding-30Jabulani-Vineyard-Wedding-31Jabulani-Vineyard-Wedding-32Jabulani-Vineyard-Wedding-33Jabulani-Vineyard-Wedding-34

Having siblings in the wedding party is always a gamble…

Remember what I said about siblings?